List of Funny Erection Names

Maybe, you didn’t know, that erection has a lot of comical names. Let us to show you a couple of them! Have fun!

Humanity couldn’t exist without erection – it is really serious notion. But we want to say, that after all we can have a fun when we talk about it.  The term “erection” is really boring and stiff. So, we want to offer you the list of the funniest erection names that we could collect.  Enjoy!

Funky Fatty  Man with erection
Vlad the Impaler
Love pump
Spurt Reynolds
Long Dong Silver
Snow cannon
Dick sticker
One-eyed milkman
Moby Dick
Stretch Johnson
 Transformer penis Love torpedo
Shiny banana
Vagina miner
Blue steel
Taco warmer
Throbbing member
Love stick
Super soaker
Boney Baloney  Orange erection
One-eyed trouser snake
Pan handle
Pleasure piston
Goop shooter
Raging salmon
Meat wrench
Pork sword
 Penis gummies Salami/sausage/pepperoni
Goo geyser
Jerkin gherkin
Skin flute
Throbbing gristle
Morning glory
Prince Everhard
Stub chub
One hit wonder  Banana erection
Baby batter blaster
Full salute
Thrill drill
Custard launcher
Bone daddy
Dr. Feelgood
Homo Erectus
 Weather forecast erection Easy Rider
One hole friction whistle
One-eyed muscle
Blue veined junket pump
Happy Gilmore
Cock-a-saurus Rex
The Impregnator
Officer at attention
The Early Riser
Purple-headed yogurt-slinger  Strawberry penis
Lap rocket
Cushion pusher
Sergeant Stiffy
Pitch a tent
Cracked a fatty
Hard on
 Erection comics Pokey
Elmer the Glue Shooter
Angle on your dangle
Skroink master
Mammoth Mountain
Fun gun
Pocket rocket

If you didn’t found an unique erection-name at this list – write a comment with your version and it will be added to our list!