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IsraelPharm.com Pharmacy Review

IsraelPharm.com takes pride in their variety of nationalities that serve the team and the collaborative efforts of the group. Serving the local community for 15 years, IsraelPharms.com’s goals and values are listed as integrity, excellence, and transparency. With goals such as these, and the “Certified Authentic Secured Site” seal on the right-hand corner of the site, it certainly seems like consumers looking for legit goods and services, have come to the right place.

IsraelPharm.com Pharmacy Review

Major Selling Points

IsraelPharm.com’s website is very clean and easy to read with few distractions. They offer the option to search for medications by name or diagnosis which is always very helpful. IraelPharm.com even takes the level of support a step further by providing immediate contact via chat with a pharmacist!

Upon review, IsraelPharm.com does not offer the variety of Cialis coupon discounts boosted by their online competitors, however, their base prices still offer consumers the opportunity to save some hard-earned cash when compared to other online pharmacies and still beats the prices of prescription meds in brick and mortar pharmacies located in the US.

When comparing one of their top selling medications, Flector Patch 1 percent, IsraelPharm.com does offer the cheapest Viagra price per unit at $5.06 per patch, comparing to the average price per unit offered by competing online pharmacies at $9.72 per unit. With prices like these, who needs a promo code?!

Pharmacy Location and Distribution

IsraelPharm.com works with a licensed Israel pharmacy positioned between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They are licensed to serve populations across the United States, but are not able to fill prescriptions to consumers in Israel or Canada. In the FAQ section of their website, it simply states that to serve this population is not in their policy.

Shipping is offered at a flat rate of $20, no matter the package size. Orders are typically processed within 48 hours and all orders are delivered via EMS and USPS. Orders arrive within seven to ten business days. Due to FDA regulations, if your order contains more than a three-month supply, it may be separated into two packages that may arrive separately. Due to regulations in place by the Israel Ministry of Heath, prescription medication may not be returned or refunded once purchased.

Variety of Goods and Services

So IsraelPharm.com has a nice site, great. Let’s see if they can deliver the products consumers need. Because what it really comes down to is, is this a place we can get all of our prescription drugs, legally? See details below.

Erectile Dysfunction Products Offered

IsraelPharm.com offers a surprisingly low number of treatments for erectile dysfunction, but they do offer the basics. This pharmacy offers Cialis, Levitra, Nebido and Viagra under the heading of “Men’s Health” when searched for by category. It would seem, anyone requires medications for impotency beyond this small scope, would need look elsewhere.

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Other Products and Services Provided

IsraelPharm.com limited selection continues as we review other common categories such as allergies, anxiety, hypertension and more. Below you’ll find some medications listed that the website offers. Unfortunately, IsraelPharm.com does not offer any medications for anxiety!

  • Altace;
  • Coreg;
  • Diovan;
  • Exforge;
  • Allegra;
  • Clarinase;
  • Epipen;
  • Veramyst;
  • Celexa;
  • Desryel;
  • Efexor XR;
  • Natazia;
  • MlniPill;
  • Actigall;
  • Crestor;
  • Lipitor.

Our Rating

IsraelPharm.com seems like the grandfather of online pharmacies. They clearly take their job very seriously and seem to have an upstanding sense of integrity. However, they are also very limited in their selection and offer no discounts or free Cialis samples to their consumers which makes them seem a little more “old school”.

Customers with typical diagnoses and needs may be well served here and be pleased with the costs of Viagra associated. However, if you’re the type of consumer who will be depending on newer prescription drugs, this may not be the place to get your needs met. It is for this reason IsraelPharm.com’s rating is 3 of 5 stars. Integrity means a lot in this industry, but it only goes so far if you don’t have the medications consumers need.

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