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Sofosbuvir 400 mg


The licensing process for the legal production of Sofosbuvir in India finalized on March, 15th 2015. Development of Sofosbuvir 400mg (Hepcinat) has been hailed as an ethical breakthrough that will make Sofosbuvir tablets a viable treatment option for those who cannot afford expensive patented drug like Sovaldi.


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  • Generic Sovaldi or Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir 400 mg) is a generic version of Sovaldi brand. Hepcinat tablets contain the same active ingredient (Sofosbuvir 400 mg) which allows most patients to be cured without the use of peginterferon. Generic Sovaldi Sofosbuvir 400mg tablets cost only $590 per pack of 28 tablets which is 40 times less comparing to branded version of Sofosbuvir.

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    Sep 15, 2014. Gilead has licensed Sovaldi to Natco Pharma (India) that will sell generic Sovaldi Sofosbuvir 400mg tablets in 91 developing countries. Read more

    March 15, 2015. Natco Pharma (India) receive approval for Hepcinat (generic Sovaldi Sofosbuvir 400 mg tablets) from DGCI (Indian FDA). Read more

    – Generic Brand Name: Hepcinat

    – Expiry date: October, 2019

    – Content: Sofosbuvir 400 mg tablets

    – Original International Brand Name: Sovaldi

    – Pack of 28 Tablets

    – Manufacturer: Natco Pharma (India)

    If you need 3 packs, please place 3 orders separately

    No Prescription Needed!



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Sofosbuvir Treatment Cost


When you consider that nobody, but nobody takes Sofosbuvir for fun, the treatment cost is nothing short of criminal. Imagine paying $84,000 for a 12-week course or $168,000 for the 24-week treatment. At least, that’s the cost if you are going to buy the brand-named version, Sovaldi.


Buy Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400mg


Considering that there are more than 20 licensed makers of generics, you’d think it would be easy to cut your costs, but in the USA, you have to get smart and bend the rules a bit if you want affordable Sofosbuvir.


What Is Sofosbuvir?


Hepatitis C is a dangerous disease that can result in severe liver damage and death. Every year, thousands of people die from Hep-C related illnesses. Sofosbuvir is a relatively new drug released in 2013, and it is also the most effective treatment for Hepatitis C the world has ever seen. It is used in a combination therapy with ribavirin and is effective for Hepatitis genotypes 1 through 4.


Despite its inflated cost if bought from the company that developed it, there is nothing unusual about it. It is simply a tablet containing Sofosbuvir.


How It Works


Officially, Sofosbuvir is classified as a viral polymerase RNA inhibitor. That means that it prevents the virus from reproducing itself. This quite literally stops the disease in its tracks. However, it works best in conjunction with certain specified drugs.




Sofosbuvir is taken daily in 400mg doses with ribavirin and sometimes peginterferon alfa. The table below shows how it is used for various strains of Hepatitis C.


Hepatitis genotype Sofosbuvir Ribavirin / Peginterferon alfa Duration
1 and 4 400mg Both 12 to 24 weeks
2 400mg Ribavirin only 12 weeks
3 400mg Ribavirin only 24 weeks


You should not use Sofosbuvir on its own, and you should only use it under medical supervision.


Side Effects


Most Sofosbuvir side effects are not dangerous. The incidence of dangerous side effects is extremely rare. The first two side effects on the list below are also the commonest:


  • headache;
  • tiredness;
  • nausea;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • itchiness or rash;
  • anemia;
  • poor appetite;
  • flu-like symptoms;
  • upset stomach;
  • aches and pains;
  • reduced white blood cell count;
  • reduced overall blood cell count;
  • depression.




Sofosbuvir results in major interactions when combined with 24 other drugs. A major interaction means that the interaction is potentially dangerous. Do not take any other drugs without checking whether it is safe to do so.


Consumer's Reviews


Consumers are relatively reticent about Sovaldi or Sofosbuvir. After all, it’s not the sort of drug one takes to have a good time. However, we do know that this drug is effective in the vast majority of cases. There is plenty of scientific research out there to prove it. However, we recently received this comment:


I’m uninsured. I was told that I could get Sovaldi when my illness progressed to late-stage liver disease. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t give me the medicine I needed, and when I heard the cost, I was in a state. Where was I going to find all that money? Then I found your online pharmacy with cheap Sovaldi. I’ve told my doctor, who doesn’t strictly speaking approve, but he has to go along with it, because I need this drug. Philippa


We also received this one from a doctor who preferred to remain anonymous:


I confidentially tell patients who don’t have health insurance to get their Sofosbuvir online. I’m not strictly speaking allowed to do that, but what would you do if you were in my position?


Cost of Sofosbuvir Treatment at ViagraBestBuy


At ViagraBestBuy you can get Sofosbuvir. How much does it cost? You pay only $590 for 28 days. How do we get it so cheaply? The shocking truth is that Sofosbuvir is not expensive to make at all.


The pharmaceutical company that developed Sovaldi came under fire for making the only drug, that really works for Hepatitis C, is so expensive. It was ultimately forced to allow world-class manufacturers of generic drugs in India the right to produce it.


Under immense pressure, it allowed people with Hepatitis C who could not afford the drug-free access, but it subsequently tightened the prerequisites for free treatment, and the disease must have progressed to frightening levels before you will get it free.


As a result, we have expanded our range to include this life-saving medication at the lowest cost possible. That’s a fraction of the cost you’d get it anywhere else, and we are confident that the pharmaceutical company we work with can be compared favorably with the best in the world.


Is It Safe to Buy Sofosbuvir Online?


It depends on the online pharmacy you choose. We’ve been around for years and we have seen some very unethical fly-by-nights come and go. That’s the whole point: companies that peddle fake pills or send nothing at all can’t last. They get no referrals, no repeat business, and a deservedly bad name.


At ViagraBestBuy, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. That’s why we focus on quality products, excellent service, and rapid shipping. Thanks to this approach, we have stood the test of time with most new clients becoming repeat purchasers.


If you have Hepatitis C, your doctor has presumably checked you out and may well have recommended this drug. You should certainly not use it unless you have been advised to do so. If you have received a prescription for other drugs, go back to your doctor and ensure that you get the specific drugs you should take along with Sofosbuvir.

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