What Is Kamagra, How It Works and How to Use

Kamagra is the safe, effective alternative to mainstream male enhancement pills that are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra is the new, exciting treatment to erectile dysfunction and male enhancement and endurance. It allows for extended sexual activity and longevity during and between sexual acts, and is easy to use. A small pill or an oral jelly is all that stands between you and prolonged sexual pleasure, for hours of fun and excitement with your partner.

What Is Kamagra?

Kamagra is the safe, effective alternative to mainstream male enhancement pills that are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Kamagra comes in both pill and jelly form, to be taken orally, and will dramatically improve sexual performance and endurance. Originally used for treatment of hypertensions, stabilizing blood pressure, it is now primarily used in treated erectile dysfunction.

How Does It Work?

Once the pill or jelly has been taken orally, blood actively rushes to the genitals, providing prolonged intercourse and maintains erections from 4-6 hours. Kamagra also provides a shortened window between sexual acts, increasing one’s performance for the duration of the pill’s exposure to the body. For maximum results, do not take Kamagra in conjunction with a high-fat meal or alcohol, as they may impede the potency of the pill, and adversely affect performance.

Is Kamagra Safe?

Kamagra is 100% safe and easy to use. The pill or jelly are administered in the same easy fashion as any oral tablet or gel, and are to be taken one hour prior to sexual activity. Take only between 50mg and 100mg, never exceeding 100mg in one day.

Avoid use if you are allergic to the base compound Sildenafil, or if you are taking any organic nitrates for the treatment of any heart ailments, such as:

  • nitroglycerin;
  • amyl nitrite;
  • isosorbide dinitrate;
  • isosorbide mononitrate.

Kamagra should also not be used if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, have a preexisting heart condition, or if sexual intercourse negatively affects your cardiovascular or heart problems. If you have an eye disease, avoid Kamagra as it can result in loss of vision. Also avoid Kamagra if you have liver disease or have had a heart attack or stroke in the past 6 months.

Keep out of reach of children, especially the oral jelly. Its appealing appearance and flavors make it susceptible to children, and should hidden away from their reach at all times.

What Is Kamagra, How It Works and How to Use

Effects of Kamagra

Use of Kamagra allows for its main enzyme, PDE5, to restrict contractions and relaxation of the penis muscle, allowing for more blood flow to the penis. Kamagra can trigger allergic reactions, resulting in facial swelling, a breakout in hives, closure of the throat and difficulty in breathing.

Other possible side effects relating to an allergic reaction may also include:

  • pain of the chest;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness.

Do not exceed the daily maximum, as ingesting more than the prescribed 100mg can lead to poisoning.

Lesser effects of Kamagra can include:

  • the sensation of feeling flushed;
  • congestion in the nasal cavity;
  • headaches, mild dizziness;
  • temporary blueish tint in vision.

Users may also experience:

  • blurred vision;
  • an increase in the sensitivity to light;
  • issues with indigestion;
  • rashes and a persistent itch;
  • diarrhea.

How to Use This Drug?

Kamagra should only be taken once per day, and should be taken an hour before sexual activity, although the pill will take effect in as little as 30 minutes. In its pill form, administer orally with water, with the recommended dosage of 50mg. This dosage depends on the user’s age and reactiveness to the pill, and can be taken at a lower dosage of 25mg. For quicker results, the Kamagra jelly instantly activates in the mouth without the aid of water, speeding up the absorption process. If the pill or jelly is not working, consult a physician immediately, and do not ingest any more of the pill or jelly.

When and How to Take Kamagra Pills?

Kamagra pills are to be taken only once per day, and never to exceed 100mg during that time. For maximum potency, take Kamagra 30-40 minutes prior to sexual activity. It is quick acting, and reaches its maximum effect as early as 30 minutes after taking the pill.

To take the Kamagra tablet, simply swallow the prescribed dosage according to your tolerance and effectiveness of the pill with the aid of a glass of water, if necessary. For the oral jelly, no water is needed, as it absorbs in the mouth. This is especially useful for adults who have trouble swallowing pills. The gel also comes in a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, orange and banana, enhancing the experience of sexual activity.

It is important to remember that the use of Kamagra is intended only for when the user is planning on engaging in sexual intercourse. It should not be used as regular medication, so do not worry if a dose is missed.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition wherein the male cannot maintain an erection while sexually aroused long enough to reach ejaculation. It affects mature males, most notably and commonly those over the age of 65, though it can affect males under 65. Recently, researchers in pharmaceuticals have dramatically improved the quality and quantity of sexual performance through pills and tablets, such as Kamagra, to combat erectile dysfunction and provide men with an opportunity to perform at any age.

What Are the Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a wide range of things, both physical and mental. It is common for men to experience erectile dysfunction with heart ailments, damaged blood vessels, high consumption rates of alcohol and/or tobacco, obesity, and hypertension, just to name a few from an exhaustive list.

In addition to physical issues one may have in maintaining and erection, mental and psychological problems can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Mental stress can affect performance, in addition to suffering from any sort of depression or anxiety, emotional trauma stemming from past sexual experiences, or even from past relationships.

Other Uses for Sildenafil?

As sildenafil is a main component of Kamagra, its uses are not limited to just treating erectile dysfunction, although it is not recommended to use Kamagra outside its intended use without consulting a doctor or physician first.

Sildenafil is useful for burning off fat, but also useful in treating altitude sickness by reducing pulmonary artery pressure at high altitudes. It is also useful in fighting prostate cancer, when used in conjunction with doxorubicin, a cancer drug. One of Doxorubicin’s side effects is heart failure, but Sildenafil helps combat heart failure.

Is Kamagra Right for You?

Kamagra has been proven safe, effective and potent for its users, and when following the correct procedures and understanding the potential effects the pill has on your body, it is useful for performing sexually with minimal risk. It is important to remember to never exceed the recommended dosage in one day or to abuse the pill. Effects and results may vary, so consult a doctor or physician to see if Kamagra is right for you. Today only try the free Viagra samples!